How to preserve your flowers 💐

It wasn’t until my fiancé started buying me flowers when I really started appreciating fresh blooms. Before, I would have easily chosen faux flowers over real, simply because they last forever. I guess It is something about the smell and beauty of fresh flowers that really brightens up my mood. 🌸


Being that it’s currently summer, (I’m always looking for a way to brighten up a room), a vase full of flowers on my kitchen table is a priority. My poor fiancé, I know. That’s actually when I decided to start repurposing some of the flowers I keep spending money on. I have 3 tricks to preserving your flowers that I am just dying to share with you. So, here they are.

The first trick is the easiest. If you ask any florist, they will tell you to freeze your flowers. I froze my corsage from prom, one of my first flowers from my fiancé, and many others in my life. It’s nice to be able to hold onto something with memories behind it. It’s as simple as putting it in a ziplock bag towards the back of your freezer.

Now for number two, you’ll need to find yourself a very thick book. A book you don’t care to much for would be a smart choice. Lay the flowers behind a bunch of pages and close the book. You could even put a weight on top of the book to speed up the process. Let the flowers press for 24 hours. When they are finished, you could create a collage in a frame or use them as a border. The picture below is one that I made for my daughter’s room with a butterfly that I pressed. The butterfly has a story as well. It showed up during my pregnancy. I love making these and giving them as gifts! 🌻


Last, but definitely not least, I’m sharing with you my new favorite way to preserve my flowers. It’s a process called “hanging”. Hanging flowers upside down helps them to dry out properly without losing their shape or petals. All you need is: string, a stick (this part is optional and the length is your choice), scissors, flowers, and patience.


These Flower Hangers that I have designed give you a cute way to dry out your flowers, and create new wall decor at the same time. You can use these with a wide variety of flowers. Choose to cut a lot of the stem off, or just a little. This is your opportunity to get creative. ✂️

I have created three different wall decorations so far.
On one, I hung 2 roses, and a bundle of weeds that my daughter picked for me. I knotted the string from one end to the other of the stick so it would hang horizontally. Then I knotted another string around the end of the stem(s) and hung them upside down from the stick.


This next decoration, I didn’t use a stick at all. It’s kind of like a rose bud banner. Off of a bouquet of white roses, I trimmed the stems down to less than 1/2 an inch long. Now, this is where the patience come in. Knot the string around the piece of stem. Try to get the rose buds as equally spaced out as possible. There you have it. You could hang it from a mirror, bookshelf, curio cabinet, etc.


Here is my favorite one thus far. This flower hanger I made for my mini carnations. I was obsessed with the color of these flowers and could not let them go! To make this one, you will basically repeat the previous steps from decoration #2 a total of seven times, and then knot each strand to the stick. (Refer to decoration #1) I focused mainly on keeping the strings of buds lying next to the other so that I could see if I needed to use a big or small carnation next. Also, you will want to make sure you leave enough string at one end in order to tie it to the stick. Finish it off with a pretty cord or ribbon tied to each end of the stick, so that you can hang it. 🌹


I hope you enjoyed this DIY and found it helpful. If you try it, please share you photos with me in the comments below. Or, if you have another way to preserve your flowers, please share your knowledge with me. 💘


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